Internet is changing


Nowadays our dependency on internet is growing every day. The network is present in daily tasks, like buying plane tickets, checking underground schedule or doing banking transfers. This comes with all the known advantages but also with some drawbacks, as the internet was not design to be used this way.

Lately there has been some authorized voices alerting about our increasing dependency on the network and that we should be careful about it. Like for example Danny Hills in his TED speech “The Internet could crash, we need a plan B”, where he talks about the risks of the actual internet in terms of security. Seems clear that the internet should be something in continuous revision and update, and there are research groups and institutions working on that. One of them is the PURSUIT project.

PURSUIT Project win the 2013 FI award that rewards initiatives outstanding levels of innovation in European. The aim of the project is to make the internet more social-minded and intelligent network.  The main idea is to make internet a wide peer-to-peer network where users can search by content and not by URL. For example searching for a movie nowadays the user will receive information about where the content is stored (URL), but the interest of the user is in the content not on the location. In PURSUIT content could be stored anywhere and everywhere.

Dr Dirk Trossen Technichal Manager of PURSUIT says: “Our system focuses on the way in which society itself uses the internet to get hold of that content. It puts information first.”

PURSUIT team believes that this is the way Internet will work in the future. This kind of architecture has some important benefits like: making the information access more efficient and fast, preventing network elements of being overloaded, making stored content safer or making the network more sustainable.

Is clear that if this architecture is finally implemented in long-term it would be a revolution in the way we use and access to the internet. Nobody knows what will be future of internet but we consider interesting and needed to evaluate and study alternaties to improve the most important invention of our days.

What do you think about the future of the Internet?

For more info check out: and PURSUIT Project.


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