Cash is king, king is dead


Today we will talk about an example of how technology can help society advance. In 1998 there were four million mobile phones in all Africa, today there are five-hundred million and ten million only in Uganda. This exponential growth is not only developing the technology infrastructure but also changing the way people do business.

A good example of this is how Uganda is embracing mobile money. Mobile money started in the country in 2008 and nowadays it has been used by 9 million of Ugandans. For Ugandans is much easier to use Mobile money than cash, as the banking infrastructure of the country is not much developed. So maybe a citizen cannot easily access to a bank office, but is possible to have a mobile phone. From the phone they can send money to anybody by simply send a text message. This service allows then to pay and receive payments in your phone, giving the opportunity to farmers to sell their products using mobile phone as payment method. In a sub-developed country like Uganda this applications can really make the difference and helping societies to develop and prosper.

What do you think about this kind of mobile usages? Do you think they can have a real impact in the development of Africa?

For more information about the topic you can check: The Guardian article’s 1 and 2 and Internmedia report.


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